Boxing Basics (U11s) 

The classes provide an opportunity for younger children to learn the basics of boxing whilst using the same equipment, learning the same skills and techniques and gaining the same health benefits that a boxer would, in a safe and familiar environment. There is a focus on fitness through fun games and activities. 

~NON contact

~NO boxing skills required

~Learn self defence skills

~Improve fitness levels

~Relieve stress & let out aggression in a controlled environment

~Weight management 

​​~Develop life skills (self confidence, work ethic, mental fortitude, discipline sportsmanship)

~Have fun - lots of games and fun equipment to use including tag belts, boxing equipment, ropes, rope ladders, rings & trapeze. 

Box Fit (women only)

High intensity training, integrating various aspects of boxing training (including punch bags and pad work) with plyometrics and circuits. A female only class for all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels. Box Fit is a training environment for like-minded people, all moving in the same direction, encouraging and supporting each another to achieve fitness goals

~NON contact/ NO boxing skills required / NOT a technical class

~High energy and a big calorie burner

~Fast yet sustainable results within a supportive environment

~Increase health, fitness & strength whilst dropping body fat

~Workouts are kept varied & challenging 

Youth Boxing/Boxing 

Technical boxing sessions incorporating the skills, techniques and equipment used by many boxing clubs. A mixed class, suitable for individuals looking to improve their boxing skills and techniques whilst improving their fitness levels. 

~Train like a boxer without the pressure of competing

~High intensity classes

~Learn self defence skills

~Improve aerobic endurance, strength, speed & balance

~Relieve stress & let out aggression in a controlled environment

~Develop life skills (self confidence, work ethic, mental fortitude, sportsmanship)

~Competitive boxing opportunities available with Warriors ABC 

Fighting Fit

A strength and conditioning class that combines aspects of boxing training with high intensity interval training. The session is a combination of anaerobic exercise and resistance training using a wide variety of equipment. There is little rest between exercises and all muscle groups are targeted giving you a full body workout. 

~Perfect for busy individuals

~Maximum results minimum time

~Use all of your muscle groups

~Burn fat

~Beat boredom with varied sessions

~Sessions tailored to meet individual fitness levels